Trust and wealth software

Cheetah software is the core solution for our comprehensive platform of financial products and related services.

It is the trust accounting and wealth management platform of choice for growth-minded institutions. That’s because you’ll spend less time in front of the computer and more time building your business.

A modern solution for a shifting wealth management industry

The financial community is in flux. Wealth managers must figure out how to grow in an increasingly unpredictable business environment. At the same time, they must also keep up with evolving client expectations that include a digital, convenient, and on-demand experience.

Wealth managers need tools that work for them — modern and innovative solutions that keep clients happy, scale with business growth and adapt to an ever-changing market.

Driving value and growth for wealth managers

Cheetah is a wealth management platform that enables wealth managers and financial institutions to oversee trust accounts, manage assets and investments, conduct trades and settlements, and schedule and collect fees, as well as provide pricing and tax reporting services in one all-encompassing system.

  • Increase your efficiency with an intuitive design and streamlined workflows
  • Automate processes
  • Reduce IT costs with cloud technology
  • Track key performance indicators in real time
  • Offer your clients on-demand account access
  • Manage investments
  • Integrate financial planning
  • Centralize operations
  • Schedule and manage fees

Cheetah capabilities

Cheetah excels as a trust accounting and investing tool. But that’s not all it does. We leverage other technologies to deliver a comprehensive business solution.

Business intelligence and analytics

Visualize and analyze data to gain a better understanding of the trends that power your business.

Digital account opening workflow

Streamline and automate client onboarding with digital technology that wins you customers and boosts your productivity.

Account access for your clients

Meet the on-demand expectations of today’s clients by giving them easy access to their information, all in a single location.

Mobile companion app

The free mobile companion app to Cheetah allows trust administrators and officers to perform tasks while traveling or meeting with prospects and clients.

Automated proposal generation

Easily build custom investment portfolio proposals in minutes.

Tax service

Efficiently produce client tax forms and corresponding IRS files, reducing dependence on third-party processing vendors.

Asset pricing

Receive timely and accurate asset pricing and market analytics directly to Cheetah.

Integrations with your other software

Cheetah processes information requests and returns data to the requesting system. Our powerful API library can also process requests to store new incoming data or update existing data in the Cheetah database.

Make better decisions

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