An extensive API library for
custom workflows

Customize your wealth management ecosystem by connecting your software to your core platform.

Connect all your systems to maximize efficiency

Trust accounting and wealth management tools aren’t “one size fits all.” Operations and workflows vary from company to company, and API libraries help customize those workflows so they optimize efficiency at your organization. That’s why it’s critical for your core wealth management system to connect and integrate with third parties and complementary software solutions.


Cheetah CONNECT is the Cheetah solution’s API library. With hundreds of APIs, Cheetah CONNECT creates synergy and synchronization between your third parties and software so all wealth management tools are communicating and working cohesively together toward your business goals. Cheetah CONNECT uses business logic to integrate with software used for:

  • Record keeping
  • Data and analytics
  • Operational workflows
  • Task automation
  • Digital asset transactions

Cheetah CONNECT also allows you to create powerful cross-platform dashboards and develop unique end-user experiences that work for your business strategy. It eliminates double entry or manual entry, since APIs allow data to be carried over from system to system.

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