Custom portfolio proposals in minutes

Every proposal is unique, but one thing is true about all of them – wealth managers need them fast. 

Streamlining the proposal generation process saves time and jumpstarts the sales process so you can lock in deals quicker. 

Streamline proposal generation

Quicker proposal generation means less time gathering information and more time nurturing your prospect into “client” status. By streamlining the tasks necessary to create a proposal, you’ll create a better client experience by providing personalized custom proposals and you’ll generate revenue faster by using an automated and efficient proposal building process. 


Cheetah PROPOSAL is a proposal builder that offers investment advisors a consistent, repeatable, efficient process to build portfolio presentations. With Cheetah PROPOSAL, you can build a proposal in minutes and store proposal information in one centralized location rather than keeping it in disparate systems or databases. 

Cheetah PROPOSAL empowers wealth managers and investment advisors to: 

  • Quickly create a professional, custom proposal to prospects and clients 
  • Consolidate proposal elements such as company information, cover letters, reports, investment models, and pricing into one, “one-stop shop” system 
  • Save time and increase productivity by reducing the steps in the proposal building process 
  • Build more efficiency in your sales process by automating the proposal generation workflow 
  • Customize portfolio presentations with your company’s name, logo, and brand 
  • Personalize the portfolio proposal for your prospect or client with their specific investment information to create a unique customer experience 

Make better decisions

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