Cheetah PORTAL

Client account access for an
elevated customer experience.

Your clients are increasingly tech-savvy. Keeping up with their expectations means providing them access to accounts with an interactive and digital portal.

Client relationships — managed

There’s been a global shift toward depending on technology to manage our lives, and wealth is no exception. Wealth owners expect you to provide quick and convenient access to their accounts, and they want to be able to communicate with you – their trusted advisors – just as easily.

By providing your clients with access to their own accounts, you’re offering another level of transparency and autonomy to your clients – especially those who are asking for digital and on-demand customer experience.

Cheetah PORTAL

Cheetah PORTAL is an interactive and digital portal that provides your clients with access to portfolio performance and analytics, the holdings in their account, transaction history, and files such as tax forms and statements.

As a user of Cheetah PORTAL, you can deliver a digital method to communicate and manage the client relationship, while offering your client a hands-on wealth management experience. Your clients will be able to:

  • Pay or view fees
  • View information about their holdings in portfolios
  • Review investment performance and data
  • Find copies of files such as statements and tax forms
  • Review historical transactions


Cheetah PORTAL gives you a competitive edge by prioritizing the client experience.

  • Lessen the burden on your IT team – we handle the maintenance and updates
  • Ensure the security of your client’s PII with safeguards on their account access
  • Centralize your client’s wealth and asset management in one convenient location

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