Cheetah TAX

Tax reporting made easy

Taxes may be unavoidable – but they are manageable. Stay on top of taxes with a wealth management and trust platform that has a built-in tax reporting process.

Be prepared for tax season all year long

Taxes are a critical component of your year-end operations. With so many moving parts, it can be difficult to generate, file, and submit the reports – all by the IRS deadline.

Instead of dreading tax season, feel confident with a platform that does the heavy lifting for you.

Cheetah TAX

Cheetah TAX enables you to efficiently produce client tax forms and corresponding IRS Filing Information Returns Electronically files (FIRE files), reducing dependence on third-party processing vendor. With Cheetah’s tax service, you’ll have control over the entire tax reporting process, from generation to e-filing, including access to:

  • Income reclassification
  • Tax forms (updated annually)
  • New IRA contribution limits (updated annually)
  • Learning Center and Help Center resources to help you successfully navigate tax reporting

Make better decisions

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