A business intelligence
solution to make better decisions

Visualize, analyze, and drive growth by gaining a better, clearer understanding of the trends that power your business.

The source of truth for trends in revenue and managed assets

  • Explore the cause-and-effect relationships of revenue and AUM
  • Continuously monitor and analyze fee revenue
  • Detect market fluctuations that impact revenue
  • Export data and views in useful formats like Excel, PDF, and PNG

A powerful library of visuals and analytics

  • Access our library of core analyses
  • Add your own filters to pre-built dashboards
  • Extract specific account data with Query Builder  

Find golden opportunities

  • Balance workloads for account administrators
  • Catch errors and anomalies faster, proactively resolving issues and increasing efficiency
  • Analyze cause-and-effect relationships
  • Compare revenue goals and targets

Reduce surprises by automating analysis

  • Automate the running and compiling of analyses
  • Receive notifications when key metrics are off track
  • Stay on top of operations and quickly identify challenges

Make better decisions

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