Cheetah FLOW

Digital account opening workflow

Streamline and automate client onboarding by introducing digital account opening to your existing digital platform.

Intuitive, user-friendly design

Start your client experience with responsive, mobile-friendly digital account opening services, customized with your institution’s brand.

Powerful, automated workflows

From customer application to the trust review board, the account opening workflow can be customized with simple questions and controls to give your trust department back time and productivity.

Track and streamline your business

Take the guesswork out of the application process. Your applicants can quickly apply for their accounts in as little as 5 minutes without confusing options. Your staff can quickly review an account status, establish next steps, and take action on new accounts.

Scale onboarding security and compliance

Going digital means ensuring heightened security and scalable compliance. Allow applicants to securely and conveniently e-sign documents and upload files from any device. Automate and scale Know Your Customer (KYC) services to save time.

Make better decisions

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