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Patrick McHale

Even in this high-tech world of automation and artificial intelligence, business success or failure still hinges on people. 

“Having the right people in the right roles doing the right work makes all the difference in the world,” said Patrick McHale, Executive Advisor with Culture IndexTM

McHale is one of the presenters at the Hunt, Cheetah’s annual client conference, Nov. 14-17 in Greenville, South Carolina. He will deliver an Executive Track breakout session titled “80% of a Company’s Challenges are People Related: Culture Index Helps Clarify and Solve People Challenges.”

Culture Index is a strategic advisory firm that works with business leaders to transform organizations using applied analytical traits. The company’s flagship product is a 7-minute survey that measures work-related traits for current employees and job prospects. Those traits include autonomy, social-ability, logic, ingenuity, and more.  

“Just seven minutes gives you an incredible amount of information,” McHale said. 

Data-driven teambuilding

The whole point of Culture Index is to give business leaders accurate data to make better decisions. It takes the subjectivity out of hiring, promoting, and teambuilding.

That data empowers owners and executives to manage to their employee’s strengths, reward them in their language, communicate more effectively, and increase productivity. 

Cheetah has used Culture Index to build high performing teams across the company. 

While plenty of similar products exist in the corporate world, Culture Index is the market leader, according to McHale. The reason is that the survey was painstakingly crafted over 5 years by psychiatrists and mathematicians using the latest research. 

“Our algorithm is rock solid,” he said. 

Invest in each person’s strengths

McHale said Culture Index can help leaders identify “superpowers” and “Kryptonite” in themselves and in their subordinates. The point, he said, is to use this information to build teams with people who complement each other. 

“We bolt a bunch of superheroes together,” McHale said. 

Finding people who complement each other is a better strategy, he said, than trying to transform your weakness or someone else’s weakness into a strength. 

“You can invest your entire life on improving a weakness and never get good at it,” he said. “I strongly suggest people spend their time in their superpowers. Your work traits are similar to who you are physically. I’m 6-foot-1. I’m not going to make it in the NBA as a forward. There’s nothing wrong with me. I’m just not built to do that.”

See McHale at the Hunt!

Learn more about how you can transform your business by hearing McHale in person at the Hunt, where you’ll be joined by more than 100 trust and wealth management professionals.

You can network with others who are just like you—seeking ways to grow, increase efficiencies, and serve their clients better.

You’ll get a firsthand look at Cheetah’s product roadmap and how it will advance trust and wealth in the digital age. You’ll learn from Cheetah team members and industry thought leaders in three tracks: executive, operations, and investments.

The Hunt will take place at the beautiful Hyatt Regency in Greenville.


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